Aragon Yarns

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Sissinghurst, Kent

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Cherries & Fruit at Aragon Farm

Many people see cherries appearing beside the road in May and ask us why ours aren’t ready. The answer is that the roadside ones are from Turkey or France, which we would NEVER sell!


Our rustic “Cherry Hut” has been beside the A262 for over 20 years and is a well known and much loved landmark amongst cherry aficionados. Many folk say that our cherries are the best in Kent. We just like to think that we sell what we would like to eat...and we eat a lot! We sell in 0.5 kg or 1.0kg punnets but will prepare a tray to order for a celebration. We also send about 40% of the crop by lorry to the markets in London or further north. Occasionally we send special orders by courier.




Cherries are labour intensive and costly to grow. Establishing an orchard to first fruiting takes at least 4 years, then you have to cover against rain and net against the birds...they like cherries as much as we do! Everything is hand- picked and has to be carefully handled, then cooled in hot weather to stop premature softening.


At the end of the season, the nets and covers are removed and stored away. The trees are pruned and sprayed against diseases such as canker and posts and wires are repaired. Time for a brief rest before everything kicks off again!


Growing Cherries